Body Building And Fat Loss Diet Could Be The Answer To Prevent Obesity

The overall global picture regarding people who are overweight is not so good. Even the WHO (World Health Organization) had pointed out that if things continue this way, overweight and obesity could become a global concern in the coming years.

What Is Overweight?

You are overweight when your BMI or body mass index is 25 or more. On the same measuring yard, obesity is when the BMI is 30 and above. The BMI can be calculated easily - take your weight (in kgs) and divide it by your height (in meters) then multiply with 2. The best MBI would be 20-24. The dangers of being overweight are many, including heart problems, respiratory problems, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, etc.

There are any reasons why people today are heading towards overweight and obesity. Things are easier to do around the house; work is often sedentary in the office, while our appetites have not decreased accordingly. Rather people eat more because they feel comfortable. At the back of the mind most believe that anyone can anytime enroll for a body building and fat loss diet and solve the problem. It is only after some time elapses that it becomes obvious that it is not as easy to loose weight as to gain it.

The Body Building And Fat Loss Diet To The Rescue

Diets, as everyone know, are boring and not sustainable. Hence, solutions are needed which offer more than the diet; it should offer the possibility to adopt it as a lifestyle to be continued for life. This is where the special body building and fat loss diet comes in. This is not exactly a diet. It is rather a trick, if you might call it so. While the fat loss is exchanged into muscle mass, the diet needs to complement the exercise regime in perfect unison.

This is where this magic diet comes in. It is a way of controlling weight gain, without any effort or hardships that diets usually impose. This body building and fat loss diet is different - it involves eating complex carbs for three days and having the fourth day off for eating anything one abstained from during the three days that passed. This is an excellent body building and fat loss diet since it works wonders. No matter how much one binges on the fourth day, the three days of self-imposed discipline ensures that the weight loss is maintained.