Information on Rose Hip Oil

There are literally hundreds of different essential oils out there, but rose hip oil can easily be considered as one of the most popular of all of these. It is produced from rose hips, which are the seed pod that is left after the rose petals fall off of the plant. The oil that is derived from rose hips, known as rose mosqueta or rose hip oil is very nutritious and actually consists of 80 percent essential fatty acids.

It is renowned for its plentiful benefits for the skin, and just a few of the various different healing aspects that rose hip oil is credited with for helping are: scars, dry eczema, skin burns, dry skin, damaged skin cells, wrinkles, and mature or aging skin.

This incredibly unique oil is truly a powerhouse of nutrients and essential fatty acids, and helps to significantly play a vital role in terms of rejuvenating and refreshing the skin. It is an ultra-fine oil that is able to absorb into the skin instantly, and one of the best features of this oil is that because it is so fine it allows the skin to breathe as it works, thus helping to reduce the overall appearance of marring on the skin, namely from scars.

Rose Hip Oil Products

If you are interested in trying rose hip oil out for yourself, then your first step should be to find a product that it is listed as being a main ingredient in. The Balancing Gel Cleanser product for instance is quite extraordinary. It is a truly uplifting and refreshing aromatic gel cleanser that allows you to attain fresh, soft, smooth skin and relieve yourself of dryness and irritation. When activated by water, this product, which contains rose hip oil as one of its main ingredients, as well as extracts of elderberry and comfrey.

Another fantastic product featuring rose hip oil is the Botanical Body wash, which helps you to start your day feeling refreshed and revived. It features gentle SLS-free cleansing agents, derived from coconut, which are then blended with natural extracts and essential oils that not only treat the skin in specific ways but which also are very aromatherapeutic and which thus work to relax and de-stress you.

Any product that you use which contains rose hip oil is going to offer you advantages, and it is definitely one essential oil in particular that you are going to want to include as a staple in your beauty regime.