Quality Essential Oil Is Not A Replacement For A Doctor

Quality essential oils are, depending upon the kind of oil, one of life's affordable luxuries. Just a few drops of quality essential oil goes a long way and can often last for months. Aromatherapy is a healing system that is growing in popularity in recent years. Although quality essential oils are powerful medicines and excellent for some minor complaints, they are not meant to be used entirely in the place of conventional medicine. You can use both aromatherapy and conventional medicine together.

Don't Over Use Your Oils

You should not use your favorite quality essential oils every day. The body starts to get numb to the effects and ignores it. The oils might even seem to have suddenly lost their smells. You need to either give yourself a few oil-less days or rotate the use of different kinds or quality essential oils for a particular complaint. This is why aromatherapy books, magazines and web sites tend to list several kinds of oils for a complaint. This gives you a few to choose from.

Know Your Oils

Quality essential oils are medicines. Don't just use them willy-nilly for any old bump and ache. That is like taking any kind of pill out of a stranger's medicine cabinet blindfolded. If you really want to get the most out of your quality essential oils, invest in a few aromatherapy books and get yourself a notebook to note your personal reactions to each oil.

There are hundreds of quality essential oils out there. Don't try to be an expert on all of them (not unless you get paid a lot of money to). You are best to focus on just a few kinds of quality essential oils and probably no more than 10 after a few years. You can always refer to your books and web sites to learn about the others.

The best quality essential oils for your to get to know are easily available and versatile. The ones I would most recommend for anyone beginning aromatherapy are lavender, rosemary and tea tree. If you are prone to upper respiratory conditions, then get eucalyptus, too. If you are a woman, get marjoram. If you are a man, get patchouli.

The safest way to get to know your quality essential oil is to put a drop on a tissue or handkerchief and sniff it throughout the day. You then can put a few drops on a lit candle, in an aromatherapy oil lamp or diffuser, or even put a few drops in a shallow bowl of water and place under a radiator. This way the scent goes all around the room gently.