What You Need To Know About Lotus Essential Oil

Lotus essential oil is one of the more expensive of aromatherapy oils available. However, a little goes a long way. If you store the lotus essential oil in a dark glass bottle and keep out of direct heat or sunlight, it should be good for two or three years. You can get blended lotus essential oil, which is a bit cheaper and can be used directly on the skin. These would make up 90% vegetable carrier oil like jojoba, apricot kernel or sweet almond oil, while the remaining 10% will be lotus essential oil. You can find them at online aromatherapy, Ayurveda or occult supply shops. If you live in England, essential oils are available at almost any chemist or health food store.

What Is It?

There are a couple of kinds of lotus essential oils on the market, white and pink. The easiest available to get is pink lotus blossom (Nelumbo nucifera). The oil is obtained in the most time consuming of essential oil making - solvent extraction. There is a quicker way of getting out the essential oil called hypercritical carbon dioxide extraction, but it uses very expensive and very high tech equipment. No matter which process is used, it is the main reason why lotus essential oil costs a lot.

Suggested Uses

Lotus is considered a sacred flower in both Hinduism and Buddhism. It is said that one of the Buddha's sermons consisted entirely of presenting a lotus flower to the audience. Consequently, lotus essential oil is said to help promote tranquility, spiritual reflection and aid in meditation, or at least keeping your thoughts focused in the present moment, not upset about the past and worried about the future.

The Ancient Romans used lotus essential oil in compresses and Vicks Vapo Rub like plasters for treating asthma and other upper respiratory infections. Lotus is one of those scents like frankincense that makes the body unconsciously take deeper breaths, promoting relaxation and calm. Lotus essential oil is one of those overall tonics that seem to help the body work more efficiently.

You can also add lotus essential oil to any lotions or skin care cosmetics to get its benefits next to your skin. Some people like to wear the blended lotus oil as a perfume. You only need to add a few drops to a small handful of unscented body lotion or cold cream to get the full benefits. Some people like to add lotus essential oils to their homemade soaps or their homemade candles.