The Rare Gold Of Honey Essential Oil

Honey essential oil is so rare and so expensive that it is usually never mentioned in aromatherapy books. Many online aromatherapy supply shops will not carry it. And with the worldwide shortage of honeybees, the cost of honey is going through the roof and will probably further reduce the availability of honey for making honey essential oil. Unlike many other essential oils, honey oil will not blend with other oils. It is a solo performer. You cannot use it straight from the bottle - it needs to be diluted in alcohol (if it is 100% pure) and then warmed.

What's It Good For?

Honey is a relaxant, an anti-spasmodic and also helps soothe the skin. You can use honey essential oil in the bath, in a small part of a massage blend or just warm it over a essential oil diffuser to smell it in order to help you unconsciously relax. You can also blend a warmed drop and add to unscented plain body lotion to help improve and smooth the skin. Since it is so rare, there has not been a lot of experiments done by aromatherapists to see what other physical uses to put it to.

The best area for honey essential oil is for modern magical spells. Magic has not the way of the dinosaur and is still avidly practiced by almost everyone in the world today. When you make a wish on a star, or knock on wood or throw a pinch of salt over your shoulder, you are engaging in magic spells. The magical power is in you, not in the honey essential oil itself. Honey essential oil is used as a focus. If it helps the spell caster believe the spell will work better, then it will help the spell work better.

Honey is a universal attractant. If there is something you want to attract into your life, part of the spell's components can be honey essential oil. If an already written spell calls for honey, you can substitute honey essential oil. If, for some reason, you decide to combine other essential oils in honey, don't eat it or bake with it. Essential oils are not meant to be swallowed.

Honey essential oil is a great gift choice for the Wiccans or Pagans in your life. They'll know what to do with it, don't you fear. If they don't appreciate the gift, The Cosmic Frying Pan will soon smack them upside the head. There are a few online aromatherapy and occult supply stores that carry this rare gold essential oil. You could even haunt eBay or other online auction sites, because almost everything on the planet winds up there sooner or later.