Hibiscus Essential Oil for a Variety of Uses

The use of hibiscus has been long revered for its healing properties. It was commonly used by herbalists in the past for treating flu-like symptoms, bruising, mild colds and swelling. Other varieties of hibiscus are said to address such conditions as constipation and bladder infection by promoting urination. You can also apply the extract or herb directly onto sunburn for a soothing effect.

It is said that hibiscus is the plant that brought Celestial Seasonings their fame and fortune. There are many species of hibiscus, more than 200, and most are thought to have some kind of healing properties. Drinking a tea brewed with hibiscus flowers is said to aid in preventing nausea. Not only that, but hibiscus essential oil for fragrance has a heady aroma you will never tire of smelling.

What Uses are there for Hibiscus Essential Oil?

Many love to have a variety of essential oils in their homes for fragrance and there are so many uses in particular for hibiscus essential oil. You can use the oil to add as fragrance to your homemade soap making project, to add to scented candles you make at home, as a perfume or to add to incense to make your whole room smell like a hibiscus patch. There are any number of things you can do with hibiscus essential oil.

You can also use hibiscus essential oil as a scent for your bath. Think of how relaxing it will be to soak in a soothing, hot bath with the smell of hibiscus essential oil in the moist, steamy air. You can also add hibiscus essential oil to massage oils. Your mate will love being catered to with a massage that comes complete with the beautiful fragrance of hibiscus.

Where You Can Find Hibiscus Essential Oil

Natural remedies and herbal alternatives are becoming more popular, and you can find just about any type of essential oil in a health food store or online. What is becoming even more popular is extracting the essential oils from flora and fauna yourself. There are many distillers available at reasonable prices with which you can create your own unique hibiscus essential oil blend to soothe your senses.

Creating your own blends of essential oils can be a fun and rewarding hobby and you may notice that many of your friends are asking for samples of your signature fragrances. If distilling and extracting plant materials is not your thing, have no fear as there are many venues where you can find hibiscus essential oil along with a host of other sweet smelling alternatives to wear either on your person or to freshen the smell of your home.