Peppermint Oil Is An Ideal Essential Oil For Vertigo

If you are unfortunate enough to be suffering from vertigo, you can be forgiven for being most irritated with this very annoying condition though your annoyance should not make you forget to get it treated because it can cause further and serious complications. Anyone that suffers from vertigo will know that it makes them dizzy whenever they move up or even down and the feeling is similar to falling off a high roof though in reality all you may be doing is to stand in a corner of your room.

Not Scientifically Proven As Yet

A good method of treating this condition is to try out essential oil for vertigo which though it is effective has not yet been scientifically proven though it is still effective. This is because the scents that you get from essential oils help to promote a sense of well being and the consciousness returns to a positive frame of mind and a useful essential oil in this regard is peppermint oil.

Even though peppermint oil is a good essential oil for vertigo, it must still only be used with proper knowledge as well as understanding regarding the when and also where it must be used. This essential oil for vertigo is generally minty in appearance and will remind you of peppermint candles though it has a higher level of concentration and it also has more fragrance than that of spearmint.

You should not use this essential oil for vertigo in case of cardiac fibrillation, fever and also with epilepsy, and it is also essential to know whether to use it orally and in any case it should only be taken unless you are following the instructions of an aromatherapist that is well qualified. In addition, you should also take care that you do not use this essential oil for vertigo in undiluted form, absolutes or in considerable concentrations, and when applying it on children, you need to exercise extreme caution and ensure that you only give them a very gentle oil rub and that too in low doses.

Peppermint oil is an essential oil for vertigo that helps to stimulate your lymphatic system and it can both cool as well as warm a person depending on the level of its concentration. So, if you use it with low concentration it will greatly cool you down while the opposite happens when you use it in high concentration.