Shopping for an Essential Oil Distiller

If you are on the hunt for an essential oil distiller, then it is important that you be aware of the options that are available to you here. There are actually quite a few different companies that offer essential oil distiller products for sale, and you can only really capture the essential oils of garden flowers and herbs and produce your own products with the right distiller.

Where to Shop

One place in particular you may want to check out if you are looking for an essential oil distiller is Heart Magic, which features the EOV2000, a true vertical steam distillation unit made from scientific-grade borosilicate glass, and which is specially designed for easy steam extraction of essential oils from plant materials.

The open-to-atmosphere design that is used on this distiller means that the steam pressure will never build up, thus making it much safer for anyone to operate and ensuring the actual distillation process will take place at exactly 100 degrees, as it should.

Floragenics is another great option that you have here, and they are a company that offers a complete line of borosilicate glass distillation systems for essential oil extraction in sizes from 2 to 72 liters. Their stainless steel distillation systems will accommodate 50 to 200 gallons of plant material, and you can trust their equipment because it is used by aromatherapists, spas, herb growers, and alternative medicine practitioners around the world.

The Home Grown Distiller is one of the most popular, and it is able to truly capture the fragrances and flavors from the garden all year long. It is constructed of similar high quality laboratory grade glass and components used in all their professional essential oil distiller models, and this particular system contains everything that you need to get yourself started.

They also feature 22000ml essential oil distiller models, which are for the serious distiller and this particular system includes: a 2000 ml steam generator flask, a 22000 ml mother distillation flask with side entry steam port, a 500 mm condenser, a 1000 ml receiver flask, 700 watt hot plate, wire gauze, cooling water hoses, a steam hose, and an instruction manual.

The most important thing, regardless of where you go to buy your distiller and which particular model you purchase, is that you take your time when making your decision so that you can find a distiller that you are going to be able to handle and one which is going to produce the results that you are looking for.