How to Utilize an Essential Oil Use Chart

Essential oils have been used for thousands of years and have been proven as effective for a variety of ailments and applications from aromatherapy to beauty products. As you become more involved in the world of essential oils, it can become confusing as to which oil treats what ailment as well as how it should be utilized. With an essential oil use chart, all of those confusing elements can be clearly delineated.

An essential oil use chart is not a one size fits all kind of deal because no two are exactly alike. Some charts list the essential oil by alpha and then go into a description of it as well as what it treats and how to use it. Other charts may list various ailments and then cross reference them with a list of essential oils as well as how to properly use them. Because each person thinks differently and assimilates information in a number of ways, you have to determine which essential oil use chart would best suit your needs.

Listing by Ailment

Many people like an essential oil use chart that is listed by ailment in alphabetical order because illness is when most people will think about using these essential oils. Basically, you look up your ailment, whether it is a headache, cold or insect bite and then the essential oil use chart would suggest several different oils that would best treat the problem. Then the chart would list the variety of ways that the essential oil could be used such as direct topical application or inhalation of steam.

Listing by Essential Oil

Another type of essential oil use chart lists the essential oils in alphabetical order which is beneficial if you decided to pick a few oils up on a whim. With this type of listing, you can tell at a glance, all the conditions that a certain essential oil can treat. Of course, this essential oil use chart also lists how to use the oil effectively through massage, steam or topical methods.

Let's say that you picked up lavender because you heard that it was a versatile essential oil. You would look up lavender on the essential oil use chart and find out that it treats a variety of conditions such as insect bites, bug repellant and depression. Then the next entry on the chart is the best way to use lavender so that you achieve the most beneficial properties of the essential oil.

Each variation of the essential oil use chart can easily be cross-referenced from ailment to essential oil. If you are a big proponent of essential oils, it would be beneficial to have an essential oil use chart at your fingertips so that you are always prepared for whatever ails you.