Basil Essential Oil Can Do You A Lot Of Good

If you are acquainted with Italian cooking then you will have used basil for cooking up pesto because it is not only fragrant, but it also has a wonderful flavor and is closely related to peppermint so that when you use it you can be sure of good nutrient content. Basil also has quite a few flavonoids that are useful as they will provide protection to cells and also chromosomes so that they do not get damaged and there are two flavonoids called orientin and also vicenin that protect the structures of cells from becoming damaged by oxygen and radiation.

Inhibits Bacterial Growths

Thus, if you consider using basil essential oil, it is also going to prove beneficial to you and it will certainly help in inhibiting growth of different kinds of bacteria and that includes those that have already developed resistance to antibiotics. What's more, basil essential oil will also inhibit staphylococcus enterococcus, pseudomonas and also e. coli bacteria from growing, and so if you add basil essential oil to vinaigrette you will get better flavor and also be sure that the fresh salads that you eat will not be dangerous to your health.

Also, basil essential oil contains eugenol that gives off anti-inflammatory effects since it can block the enzyme known as cyclooxygenase which is proof enough that basil essential oil can heal as well as provide relief from inflammatory symptoms including for ailments such as rheumatoid arthritis and even inflamed bowels. There are more benefits to using basil essential oil because there will also be some vitamin A in it that helps prevent any damage being caused to cells by any free radicals and it also helps in the prevention of oxidation of cholesterol of free radicals in your blood thereby not allowing any cholesterol build-up.

Basil essential oil also contains magnesium which is a mineral that is essential to keep the heart and also blood vessels relaxed and it will also help in keeping the blood flowing well, and there are also iron, potassium and calcium as well as vitamin C contained in basil. Once you add it to your salad or soup, you will find the scent very appealing and the freshness of the flavor will keep you wide awake and there is no doubt that if you use fresh basil it would be very good for you. You can also try using sweet basil essential oil that has been steam distilled because it will give a scent that will remind you of grass and there is also a hint of spice in it.