The Style and Functionality of the La Pavoni Espresso Machine

There are few things in life more satisfying than a hot, steamy cup of your favorite java. It is no wonder that coffee houses have sprung up all over the country, filled with patrons seeking the latest and greatest in coffee beverages. However, those frequent trips to the local coffee house can become quite a burden on your wallet. What is the solution for the coffee aficionado? Perhaps the answer to this dilemma lies in your very own home version of the La Pavoni espresso machine.

The History of the La Pavoni Espresso Machine

The La Pavoni espresso machine was created in Italy in 1905 by Desiderio Pavoni. The invention of this machine made the popular Italian espresso beverage world renowned in a fairly short period of time. Today, the La Pavoni espresso machine is what many baristas think of when they dream of high-quality, user-friendly and stylish coffee makers. The presence of a Pavoni machine in the home tells visitors that the host loves fine coffee enough to purchase the best in espresso equipment.

Throughout the twentieth century, La Pavoni continued to hold its status as one of the top quality espresso machine manufacturers in the world, by keeping up on the latest trends and fashions in coffee brewing techniques. Today La Pavoni espresso machines equip many coffee houses as well as homes, providing a means for coffee lovers to prepare the perfect, rich cup of espresso with every brew.

The La Pavoni Espresso Machine: A Beautiful Accessory for your Kitchen

Many coffee gurus do not choose to purchase the La Pavoni espresso machine simply because it brews a fabulous cup of coffee. The Pavoni machines are also know for the aesthetic quality of the design, which makes them an attractive addition to any kitchen counter. Consumers can select from polished brass and chrome finishes, and some include beautiful wood handles for an attractive embellishment. Some of these machines have actually made an appearance in museum exhibits because of their beauty. The La Pavoni espresso machines are a symbol of refined taste and style, both for the coffee you drink and the art that you appreciate.

If you love coffee, a La Pavoni espresso machine might be an investment worth considering. With one of these special machines accessorizing your kitchen, you will be able to enjoy a perfect cup of steaming espresso any time of the day or night. There is nowhere to enjoy your favorite brew more comfortably than in your own home.