What to Know When Buying a Krups Espresso Machine

When it comes to espresso machines, it is safe to say that not many people know the best kinds of brands. There are not many people in the world that spend their days finding the top name brand espresso machines and comparing the prices and durability. Luckily, there is an espresso machine that is great for beginners looking for their first espresso machine. A Krups espresso machine is that brand, and it is an affordable way to purchase your first espresso machine. They offer many different models, including pump and steam models, and hope to get potential customers interested in the products.

Pump Espresso Machines

A Krups espresso machine is known for being steam-powered, but the company offers pump machines as well. A pumping espresso machine is driven by a motorized pump that provides enough force to brew the espresso. The pump-powered machines highlight characteristics such as thermoblock technology, and different pump levels for optimal espresso production. The FNP1 model offers an 8-bar pump while the XP4030 offers a 15-bar pump. There are at least four different models to choose from on the website and more are being introduced or planned all the time, so one should be a regular visitor to the website if one wants to learn about new pump espresso machines from krups.

Steam-Powered Krups Espresso Machine

A steam-powered espresso machine in general is made to look much like a pump model. A Krups espresso machine that is steam-powered is not in higher supply than the pump models, but it is just as effective and some customer preference falls with the steam-powered kind of espresso machine. The unit is operated only by steam pressure to create the espresso.

Krups espresso machines have long been considered the top name brand to purchase when getting an espresso machine for the home. They offer affordable machines for customers just getting started with making espresso, but the product they offer is just as effective as the higher priced models. By going on the website, one will find that Krups offers plenty of customer support along with additional parts, accessories, and warranty information.

The company offers service and repair on all of the products offered as well. Essentially, Krups wants to provide quality products for both beginners and "experts" in espresso machines and start a strong customer-manufacturer relationship with first-time buyers that will keep people coming back for more Krups products. The information, advice, and product support they offer can be useful to people of all espresso intelligence.