The Mid Back Ergonomic Task Chair

The mid back ergonomic task chair is designed to be the best ergonomic task chair for people who sit at a desk for long periods of time. It has a firm padded back rest for exceptional thoracic support.

High Back, Low Back or Mid Back Ergonomic Task Chairs?

When choosing a task chair, you will want to make a decision about how much back support you will want the chair to give. Low back chairs, which offer support only to the lumbar portion of the spine tend to be used for jobs in which the user is in and out of the chair during the day. They are the most economically priced task chairs, but are not very comfortable if the user has to sit in them for long periods of time.

High back chairs offer support to the entire back and sometimes to the head and neck as well. Because of their large size, they are normally confined to senior management - a status symbol derived from the thrones on which the kings of old sat and gazed down upon their loyal (and disloyal) subjects.

Mid back ergonomic task chairs are the most versatile type of task chair. They offer better back support than the low back chair, but are not as expensive or ostentatious as the high back chair. Like Baby Bear's chair in the story of Goldilocks, they are just right.

Thoracic Park: The Need for Mid Back Support

While much is made of lumbar support in the sales literature for ergonomic chairs, it is very rare to see any mention of mid back support, even when a chair is specifically labeled as a mid back ergonomic task chair. This is a mistake, as support for the mid back, or thoracic section, is just as important, if not more so, when sitting for long periods of time. Just as you spend 8 hours a day lying on your back in bed, an office worker with a sedentary job will spend 8 hours or more a day sitting in a chair. The wrong chair can do untold damage to your spine, as any chiropractor will tell you.

The thoracic section of your spine contains 12 vertebrae, to which your ribs attach, protecting many of your vital organs. If not supported correctly, vertebral subluxations can lead to headaches, dizziness, muscle spasms, low energy, tissue damage, joint pains and stiffness. A good quality mid back ergonomic task chair can save you a fortune in chiropractors bills down the line.