Comfort at Work: Global Ergonomic Kneeling Chair

There are many different types of global ergonomic kneeling chairs on the market today due to the high demand from people who work in front of the computer the bulk of each day. Some ergonomic kneeling chairs are even built with backs on them now, as opposed to the more traditional kneeling chairs that do not have a backrest at all. For those who work at a desk all day, there are many different issues that can cause back pain and discomfort after sitting for long periods of time.

Most people who sit in traditional office chairs do not realize that they are not sitting in a position that is not natural for their back. Often the user will tuck one leg or another under them as they get tired to shift position, throwing the back into a twisted curve. Additionally, the person might not keep his feet planted flat on the floor which also puts pressure on the spine. The seat does not always have a height adjustment so the user may not be sitting with his arms parallel to the floor when typing, also causing strain to the back. Finally, the backrest may not be adjusted properly so the individual may not be getting the lumbar support that he needs to function for long hours in the same position.

A Healthy Alternative

Global ergonomic kneeling chairs address all of these issues. When a person's back muscles get tired of holding the back upright without support, they get sore and achy and let the back slouch over. When this happens, not only are the muscles sore, but the back gets compressed and stretched abnormally leading to other back issues besides soreness. Global ergonomic kneeling chairs address this issue by having a wider seat for balance and comfort, with the seat tilted forward so that the hips are also tilted forward, thus adjusting the spine into the correct position without putting a strain on the back muscles.

In addition, global ergonomic kneeling chairs tuck the legs underneath the user so that he is in a modified kneeling position. This allows the weight of the person's body to be distributed from the buttocks to the knees and shins as well, balancing out the weight for more comfort. The blood flow to all extremities is also helped since the back is not contorted into abnormal positions. Global ergonomic kneeling chairs also have a height adjustment in most cases so that the arms can be parallel to the floor when typing.