Sit Easy With An Executive Ergonomic Chair

Increasingly we all spend more time sitting in front of desks. Sitting in an uncomfortable chair can make work a chore and can also cause back problems. Choosing an executive ergonomic chair is one way to make work more pleasant. You will find that all your back problems will go away and you can concentrate on your work instead of constantly trying to get into a comfortable sitting position. Having an ergonomic executive office chair instead of the traditional office chair will help you to have better posture and to feel more comfortable in the office.

Seat Requirements

When you are choosing an executive ergonomic chair there are certain criteria that you should look for. One of the things is the seat height. A big problem with many office chairs is that the seat is too high or low.

A comfortable seat should allow you to let your feet rest on the floor. Your thighs should be horizontal on the seat and your arms should be on an even level at your desk. The best way to make sure that the seat of your executive ergonomic chair is adjustable.

Lumbar Support

Having lumbar support is very important and part of the reason that you have decided to choose an executive ergonomic chair. A straight backed chair is uncomfortable because it does not give you proper lumbar support.

An executive ergonomic chair will provide support for the natural curve of your back. Without proper lumbar support you will start to feel a strain on your back as you find yourself slumping from the lack of support.

If you are anywhere between five foot five and six feet tall then the executive ergonomic chair will be ideal to support your back and height. Choose a backrest that is 12 to 19 inches wide so that your back is properly supported.

You should be able to adjust the seat on your executive ergonomic chair so that it will move forwards and backwards at an angle that is comfortable for you. Another important feature of an executive ergonomic chair is the armrests.

While typing your forearms should be able to rest on the armrests. The armrests should be at such a height that your shoulders feel relaxed. Your elbows and forearms should be able to rest comfortably on the armrests. Having armrests that are too high or low will mean tension in your shoulders. The armrests should be adjustable so that your executive ergonomic chair can fit you properly.