Choosing Natural Comfort: Ergonomic Kneeling Office Chair

Back pain in the office is caused by the person sitting in a chair that does not give adequate support to the back and is usually not adjustable to the settings of height and back rest that the individual needs to sit in a natural position for his spine. As such, the spine ends up hunched over so that there is a compression in some places and a stretching in others that causes pain in the spine and muscles from the hip region of the back up to the neck. In order to counteract this problem, researchers have come up with a new way of designing chairs so that they are ergonomic posture chairs, meaning that they position the body in a natural way when the person is seated so that the spine has a natural S curve to it, rather than experiencing that compression and stretching which causes pain.

Types of Chairs

Ergonomic kneeling office chairs are designed to take the weight off the person's buttocks and distribute it to the knees and shins so that they help to bear the load. The way this is done is by the chair being designed with the shin rest so that the legs end up tucked comfortably under the person's body with the shins and knees resting on the pad. The seat of the ergonomic kneeling office chair is wide to comfortably support the entire buttock region of the user and it is also slanted so that the hips end up tucked forward which automatically align the spine into the S curve that is natural for it.

There are also ergonomic kneeling office chairs that have backs on them so that they give the user more versatility to change position during the course of the day. These ergonomic kneeling office chairs have an adjustable back so that the lumbar support is in the right place if the person wants the additional support of the back rest. Also, the back can be adjusted so that if the user wants to put his feet on the floor, the back rest is in the right place to give lumbar support to the lower back and maintain the ergonomic position of the spine, especially when combined with the tilted seat. This also allows the individual to move about the office to get materials without feeling unbalanced like when using ergonomic kneeling office chairs that do not have the back rest support.