A Comfortable Success: Ergonomic Kneeling Chair Review

Aching backs are a problem for those who work in an office in front of a computer all day long. The reason for this discomfort and sometimes more serious back problem is due to improper sitting position while typing. A person's arms should be parallel to the floor when typing on the computer. The back should be supported and aligned in a natural S curve. The feet should be flat on the floor with the hips tucked comfortably under and the seat and back of the chair should be wide enough to give adequate support. Unfortunately, many office chairs do not meet these requirements. However, there are ergonomic kneeling computer chairs on the market now, with backs or without, that solve the majority of these issues and gives the worker many more hours of comfort in the office without an aching back.

What to Expect

Ergonomic kneeling chair reviews all rave about the benefits of using any type of ergonomic kneeling chair. Ergonomic kneeling chairs should have a fairly wide seat for comfort and it should be slightly tilted, according to ergonomic kneeling chair reviews. The reason for the tilt is so that the pelvic region is tilted forward, causing the back to naturally align into the S curve without strain to the back. In addition, the legs are tucked comfortably under the person in a modified kneeling position, with the shins resting on their own padded knee rest. This helps to distribute the weight so that both the buttocks and the knees are supporting the person, rather than just the buttocks, causing discomfort.

Another issue that ergonomic kneeling chair reviews address is the height of the chair. Most of the ergonomic kneeling chairs have a height adjustment so that the arms can be parallel to the floor. Having the feet flat on the floor for proper hip alignment is not an issue since the legs are tucked under the body. Adjusting the back of the chair for proper lumbar support is also not an issue with these chairs according to the ergonomic kneeling chair reviews, unless the user buys a chair that has a backrest, but even then it is not as essential as it is with other ergonomic chairs since the back is supported by the hip and knee position more than the back rest.

Ergonomic kneeling chair reviews also tout the kneeling chairs that have backs on them since they give users another option in how to sit in the chair, especially if they have to move about the office a lot. The back allows the user to sit with feet flat on the floor at times to give a change in position.