The Jetson's Version Of Desk Chairs


You do remember the days when your school desk and chair was the most uncomfortable creation on the planet to sit at and concentrate, and do your homework at. Thanks to the concept of the Jetson's cartoon show and a inspiration for technology the ergonomic desk chair for kids have been designed to make sitting for long periods at the dreaded place more fun.

They no longer have to sit uncomfortably on wooden seats as they have cushy seats now. The ergonomic desk chair for kids could have a thermostat built into those cushy seats, and also maybe a massaging effect in the backrest. The ergonomic desk chair for kids could even create a better posture for them in the long run.

The Real Problems Need Solving


But by having the Jetson's version of desk chairs could be a very problematic issue. It could have the problem that the kid is way too distracted by all the gadgets that would make their lives easier, instead of concentrating on what they have to be actually doing. What if the child is dyslexic and presses the wrong button?

No doubt the ergonomic desk chair for kids has to have it's limitations and expectations for it to be what it is meant for. The ergonomic desk chair for kids has to have a lot of safety standards put in place first of all, as we know how kids can get and be. So lets just call it the ergonomic task chair, as that is what it is all about.  

The ergonomic task chair is there to make the kids lives and days easier, for them to use less energy on finding things such as stationary and books, etc. By merely pressing a button, even one with a picture on could indicate what is needed at a very young age to begin with, and as they advance so the buttons change too.

The ergonomic desk chair for kids would also include all books, stationary or whatever else is required to do the task at hand in the class, by merely pressing a button. No heavier luggage to cart around all day long, only your lunch or tuck shop money.  

The ideal world is still in our imaginations and our imaginations are all that limits us. And with a wee bit of luck we could just add to the future of keying in our co-ordinates where we need to be, and poof, we are there. It would be wise to make sure the spot is clear before pressing the "Send" button, as accidents do happen.