What's the Best Ergonomic Task Chair for My Office?

With such a vast range of ergonomic office chairs out there, choosing the best ergonomic task chair for you and your team can sometimes be bewildering. In this review of the ergonomic task chairs on offer, we will look at some of the factors to consider when deciding on the best ergonomic task chair for your office's individual needs.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Task Chair Upholstery

Ergonomic task chairs are available covered with leather, fabric or mesh. Leather is a high status, expensive covering and would normally be used for a manager's or supervisor's chair. Mesh coverings are breathable, allowing air to reach the user's back. The majority of ergonomic task chairs are fabric covered, as this is the most inexpensive form of upholstery.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Task Chair Arm Rests

Ergonomic arm rests come in several shapes and sizes. Some of the most common are T-arms, loop arms and plus arms. T-arms are so called because they resemble a capital letter T. The cantilever is attached to the side of the seat pan and attaches to the center of the arm rest itself. Loop arms come in a single piece which forms a complete rectangle with rounded corners. Plus arms are similar to loop arms but the loop is not completed, so that they resemble an inverted letter C.

The arm rests should be broad and padded to offer comfortable support to the lower arms, and should adjust to fit the individual user.

Choosing the Best Ergonomic Task Chair Base

The base portion of an ergonomic task chair will normally be metal or plastic. A few ergonomic task chairs come with wooden bases.

Metal bases are the most hard wearing type of base. A tubular metal shaft will be virtually indestructible. Some metal bases are covered with plastic for added protection. Plastic bases are less expensive, but you should be careful to ensure that they are at least durable enough to withstand normal office wear and tear when choosing this option. Buying a chair with a flimsy plastic base that snaps the minute someone sits down on it too hard would be penny wise and pound foolish.

Ergonomic task chairs with wooden bases can be hard to find, but can provide a stylish appearance to your office. They are more commonly found on executive chairs, where a cherry wood base can complement the luxury of a padded leather seat. Again, ensure that they are well varnished, to increase their durability, as well as improving their appearance.