Easter Time: Spring May Bring Showers But It Also Brings A Great Holiday

When it comes to Easter time, many people are confused as to when the holiday actually falls. Since Easter always occurs on a Sunday, the date can change depending on the year. However, the range of the dates is constant. Easter time can never come before March twenty second and it can never come after April twenty fifth. Easter time is a time when Christians get together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. However, non-religious people celebrate Christmas time, too. They do it by giving candy to each other and decorating and hiding eggs. The most important thing to remember, however, is that Easter is a time for family. It's to celebrate life, being alive and being a part of the family that loves you so much.

Family Reunions

Many people use Easter time as a time to plan a family reunion. Since most people are off on Easter, it is a Sunday after all, so it should be no problem to get all your family together for one great time. If you're religious, you can schedule your entire family to go to church and then you can take the entire clan out to eat. Restaurants are packed full at Easter time as many families have this exact idea in mind. Even if you're not religious, getting together for a great Easter time meal can be a great way to reconnect with those you love.

Candy And Eggs

Easter time is also a time of candy and of Easter egg hunts and more. Many families will have Easter time picnics and will cook outside and have Easter egg hunts for the kids in the yard. They'll either use real, hard-boiled, colored eggs or they'll use plastic eggs that you can hide things inside. Kids love to find these plastic eggs where there may be candy or money inside. It's a great treat for them and it makes for one great Easter time activity.

The most important thing to remember, however, is that Easter is a religious holiday. You don't have to religious to celebrate it. Many non-religious people celebrate Easter time. Easter is the time when Jesus rose from the grave and it's a huge Christian holiday. By studying the holiday and finding out its roots, you can better learn what it means whenever Easter time comes around.