A Life, a Death, a Promise: The Easter Story

Easter is an integral part of the Christian belief system. It is an impact full time of remembrance where Christians reflect on the gift of sacrifice and eternal life. The Easter story is about a promise, and a gift. It is about the life of a man, his death, and his fulfillment of the ultimate gift giving sacrifice.

Remember the Easter Story

Many times, the true Easter story is lost in the picnics, and the Easter baskets. The true meaning and heart behind this, the ultimate celebration of life, can sometimes get pushed to the back of peoples minds while they get overly involved in their all ready chaotic lives, and forget the reason to celebrate this glorious day!

Telling the Easter story should come up more often than once a year. It is the story of human redemption through the life and death of Jesus Christ. It's the story of Pontius Pilot ending the life of the King of Kings and sentencing him to not only die, but to be assassinated, to be beaten and abused, to be crucified.

It is the story of how Jesus Christ took on the sins of the world and obediently and purely out of love, laid down his fears and pain, and gave his life for those that are willing to accept the gift of eternal life. It is the story of how he died on the cross, a symbol of purity and rose again three days later and ascended into heaven just as he promised.

The Easter story isn't just about the death, though that is the key asset to the gift of eternal life; it's about the resurrection. Jesus promised that he would rise again on the third day to show the world that he paid the price for their sins. This was the finish to his purpose in life, he died, and by rising again he showed that his death was exactly what he said it would be, a payment.

That is what Christians are celebrating on Easter Sunday. They are celebrating that fact that Jesus conquered hell, death, and the grave, that his sinless nature couldn't be held down by the powers of darkness, proving this by his resurrection, that "For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believes in him should not perish, but have everlasting life."