Make an Impact with Your Easter Play

It's time for the kids to put on the annual Easter play. Last year you went through the trouble of making the costumes, sewing the bunny tail onto a pink leotard, making big white felt ears and gluing them to a head band. This year, the Easter play is at the church and about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Where on Earth are you going to get costume ideas for the Easter Play?

A great place to start is renting a movie like Jesus of Nazareth, or even the Ten Commandments, just to see the clothing that was worn back then. The clothing then was very simple, and very thin, think toga and sandals. Maybe that's a bit brash, but that's the easier portrayal idea in regards to costumes.

Not Sure What Exactly You Want to Do?

A nice idea to suggest when thinking up themes for the kids Easter play is to suggest a puppet show. The kids can take turns decorating their special puppets to put on the perfect show. This can be done easily with felt, socks, and glue, or even more easily with just big Popsicle sticks, and cardboard cutouts. This way, not only does it cut down on the work load for the parents, it gives the kids more time to and heart to put into the Easter play.

While discussing other possible options for the big Easter play, considering doing a small skit, based on the ages of the children, and then sing a few songs as a group. This is nice because it is less memorization for the little ones, and it still offers them equal stage time. Youth is a tender age for children, and you want them to feel included and comfortable during the program.

If it turns out that the kids have settled on an Easter play portraying the life and death of Christ and you, as a parent have the ball dropped in your hands to get a costume, and you are sewing machine illiterate, considering costume shops. There are so many options out there at costume shops now a days.

The nice part about this is that you can rent the costume, that way you'll have it for the night you need it, and then you don't have to give it a second thought. You can spend your time helping your little one prepare his lines instead of stitching up his hem. These are a few options to help your kids put on the perfect Easter play this season.