Easter Morning, How Will You Celebrate?

Easter morning is an incredibly special time for kids across the country. It's not only exciting for those who rise that morning to eat candy and hunt for eggs, but it is yet another day that our children look forward to with anticipation and glee.

How will you celebrate this year? It's always a toss up between the candy hidden in the house, or the eggs in the yard. How about this year you do both? You cannot fail when combining two of kids' most favorite things in the world: candy, and hide and seek.

Easter morning should be a time for family closeness, and children's laughter. Without any of these key ingredients, your holiday would not live up to the adventure this day has been for years and years.

Although Easter morning has typically been a day pivoting around the children, do not be discouraged Mom and Dad! With a little imagination, and some creative adaptation of the classic Easter morning children's games, you adults can join in the fun as well.

This year why don't you plan two Easter morning egg hunts. One, of course, with little plastic eggs scattered around the yard that are filled with a wild variety and assortment of colored candies and chocolates.

The other hunt, will be the same little plastic eggs scattered all over the yard, only each of the adults will have placed a small piece of paper in the eggs that displays a number. The numbers represent and match their paired and numbered presents waiting nearby.

Much like a white elephant gift exchange at Christmas time, this can be a fun way to get the adults in on the Easter morning fun. Who says that only the kids are allowed to have fun Easter morning?

Fun for the Whole Family

This year, in addition to the laughter of the children, and the smacking of chocolate filled mouths, bring that parents a little bit closer on this wonderful holiday. Give thanks for that which we have been blessed with, and as always, make sure you eat the ears of that chocolate bunny first, you wouldn't want to break that tradition this Easter morning!

As the new year picks up speed and we slowly fall back into our monotonous and repetitive lifestyles, take a break from the noise of life this Easter. Put your family and friends in the foreground, and for God's sake eat some candy. New year's resolutions are exempt from enforcement on Easter morning!