Celebrating the Easter Holiday

Christians around the world observe the Easter holiday, as it signifies the resurrection of Jesus Christ. The Easter holiday is a special time of the year to celebrate with family and friends by getting together, coloring eggs, and cooking traditional lavish lunch and dinner spreads. Catholics and Orthodox observe Easter on separate dates, but the festivities and most of the traditional dishes resemble each other.

A Traditional Easter Holiday

Most homes that follow the Easter holiday the traditional way will decorate the house with flowers, and eggs made of paper for the windows and made of chocolate for those who want to eat them. A ceremony is usually held in the church on Easter day, and from there family and friends get together to celebrate and have fun by having lunch, which usually turns into dinner.

A traditional Easter holiday dish is lamb. Most people make lamb chops served with dash of mint jelly to help with the digestion and cut down on the heavy taste of the lamb. Coloring eggs and decorating them by hand is yet another traditional preparation that marks the Easter holiday, and most homes will create family bonding by preparing for this festivity together.

Learn and Enjoy New things Every Year

As with any other holiday, you learn new dishes and add to the tradition of the Easter holiday from those who are added to the family, or from friends who come up with new innovative ideas on how to spend the Easter holiday in a special way. Many families conduct contests for the kids, such as egg hunts and costume parties with prizes. Thich ensures that the whole family has fun and enjoys the spirit of the day.

Helpful Tips

On Easter holiday giving and receiving gifts are a common practice; you can give something traditional and symbolic such as, an Easter gift basket or you can lavish your family and friends with expensive gifts of choice. Easter holiday is yet another great time to enjoy the company of those you love and cherish their presence as well as show your appreciation and love.

To record the memories and remember them forever exactly as you saw and remembered them, you can also entertain the idea of making an early Easter holiday scrapbook. In this scrapbook, you can include the pictures of the special eggs you made each year, the traditional dishes that were cooked, as well as who was present and at whose place you celebrated the Easter this year.