The Old Fashioned Easter Egg Hunt: Still The Best Easter Game

If you've never been involved in an Easter egg hunt, you are missing out on a very fun time. Most of the fun is decorating the eggs themselves. However, you don't have to decorate eggs to have an Easter egg hunt. You can also use plastic eggs which come apart that you can use to fill with candy, money, or whatever else you wish. When you play an Easter game such as an Easter egg hunt, whether you use real or fake eggs, everyone will have the time of their lives.

Real Eggs

If you are going to use real eggs, you must first hard boil them. Simply bring water to a boil and use an egg timer, or some other timer, to time the egg so that you know that it's boiled thoroughly all the way through. Once you have enough eggs boiled, make sure you allow them to cool down. You don't want to burn yourself while preparing for the fun Easter game of the real Easter egg hunt, so let them cool down before you begin to color them.

To color your real Easter eggs, you can buy an Easter egg coloring kit, which comes with everything you need to make many different colored eggs, or you can just buy some food coloring and make your own your way. However you go about it, you'll want to make many different colored eggs. This is done best by getting a bunch of people together to make the eggs. With everyone's imaginations working, you should be able to come up with many different styles of eggs. Once you have them colored, then you're ready to play the Easter game.

Fake Eggs

If you are going to use fake eggs, simply pick up a pack at your local store. Around Easter time, stores are full of all sorts of Easter products, especially fake, plastic eggs. These eggs pop apart and you are able to fill them with things. Some people fill them with candy and some will fold a dollar, or five or ten or more, dollar bill and hide it inside the egg. Whoever finds the eggs during this Easter game gets to keep whatever's inside. This can make for one great Easter game and it's fun for everyone involved.

When you have your eggs ready, hide them all over your house or yard. The Easter game is played by everyone searching for the hidden eggs. If you are using real eggs, you can have a contest to see who finds the most or you can just do it for fun where everyone wins. With the fake eggs, it's what you find inside the egg that determines what you've won. Either way, this Easter game is tried and true and that's why as long as there's Easter, there will always be Easter egg hunts.