Easter For Kids: Hidden Eggs And Candy Make For One Super Fun Time!

Easter for kids is an especially enjoyable holiday. First of all, there's plenty of candy to go around, which kids love. Every Easter, stores sell loads of candy. They sell candy in the shape of Easter bunnies, Easter eggs and more. They also sell Easter baskets for kids that come complete with candy and other treats. However, probably the best activity when it comes to Easter for kids is the Easter egg hunt. For an Easter egg hunt, you decorate hard boiled eggs and hide them for the kids to find. Or, some people use plastic eggs that come apart that they can use to put candy or money inside. When the children find the eggs and find treats inside, it makes for one great Easter for kids.

Decorating Eggs

To decorate Easter eggs, all you have to do is get some eggs, boil some water and put the eggs in. When they are thoroughly hard boiled, use an egg timer to make sure that you cook them long enough, they're ready to be decorated. Let them cool so that they are easy to deal with, you don't want to burn your fingers, and then decide how you want to decorate them. Many stores sell Easter egg decorating kits that come complete with everything you need to decorate Easter eggs. They come with food coloring and other items that you can use to make single or multiple colored eggs. When you're finished, you'll have an entire basket of brilliantly colored eggs that are ready for the Easter for kids Easter egg hunt.

Hide The Eggs

When it comes to Easter for kids, no Easter is complete without an Easter egg hunt. Simply hide the eggs all over the house or your yard and tell the kids to go look for them. You want to hide them where the kids will find them, but you don't want to make it too easy. For example, don't hide them on top of a bookshelf where the kids can't reach them but also don't just sit them on top of the seat of a chair that will be too easy for a kid to find. A good spot to hide the Easter egg for Easter for kids is to hide them behind the couch or behind a tree, places like that. It makes for a great time and you'll love the looks on the kids' faces whenever they find all the eggs.

Make It A Competition

If you wish, you can make the Easter egg hunt a competition. Whoever gets the most eggs gets a treat. Or, you can go with the plastic Easter egg contest and whatever plastic eggs the kids find, they get to keep whatever treats are inside.

However you plan your Easter for kids, you can be rest assured that they'll have the time of their lives. Especially when they get all that candy, their faces will light up and they will learn to love this great holiday.