Use Plastic Eggs For The Best Easter Egg Hunt Your Kids Have Ever Had

When Easter time comes around, you can usually find all sorts of people boiling eggs and decorating them with food coloring or with Easter egg coloring kits. They then hide these eggs for the kids to find. What, then, are these kids supposed to do with the eggs once they find them? Are they going to eat them? Most kids at Easter time are more interested in candy and toys than they are in eating real, hard boiled eggs, no matter what color they've been painted. This Easter, give them an Easter egg hunt they'll never forget and skip the real eggs. Instead, get a pack of plastic eggs, the kind that pop apart into two halves. That way, you can stuff them with whatever you want. This is great for the kids because not only do they get to participate in the Easter egg hunt but they also get to keep whatever they find inside the eggs they find.

Candy, Money Or Whatever Else You Choose

The beauty of having the plastic eggs, is that the kids never know what they're going to find in their eggs on their Easter egg hunt. For example, you can fill the eggs with candy, money, trinkets, toys, or whatever else you choose. The money part doesn't need to be a lot, even a dollar is a lot of money to small child, but it's the excitement it creates that makes it for one fun Easter egg hunt. By shopping at the dollar store, you can find all sorts of things to fill your plastic eggs with. You'll probably end up spending less than you would had you used real eggs with Easter egg coloring kits, and the kids will have much more fun than if you would have used real eggs.

Hide Them In Plain View

When you are planning an Easter egg hunt, you want it to be difficult for the children but not impossible. Don't hide the Easter eggs on top of anything tall, for instance, so that the children can't even reach them. A better place to hide them is under chairs, behind the couch, on the stairs, or anywhere that will force them to look but just make sure it's not so easy that the Easter egg hunt is over in a couple of seconds.

Once the kids are done with the Easter egg hunt, they'll have even more fun opening their plastic eggs to find out what they've won inside. Even if it's something cheap like a little plastic toy, it will bring them joy because they found it on their own during their very fun Easter egg hunt.