Easter Crafts: It's Not Just About Easter Egg Coloring

When people hear the term Easter crafts, they usually think of people decorating Easter eggs. Well, they are correct, as most people do decorate eggs for Easter. However, there are many more Easter crafts that you can make that don't include eggs. Sure, Easter eggs as Easter egg crafts are fun to make and that's traditionally what people do, but what about other Easter crafts, such as making Easter bunnies and other Easter related items with such things as paper plates, tissue paper and even construction paper? And don't forget the crayons and markers. With enough imagination, a little time and the right enthusiasm, you can build an entire room full of Easter crafts to accommodate any Easter get together.

Easter Time Is Family Time

Whenever Easter time rolls around, people usually get with their families for a reunion. They may head to church, if they are celebrating Jesus' resurrection from the grave, as Easter is supposed to represent, or they may just go out to eat with their family, friends and whoever else they wish to spend this glorious day with. One idea you can implement with your Easter crafts is to give them out as gifts to your friends and family whenever you get together. Instead of doing the trite giving of cards or gift baskets, why not try giving an Easter craft? It's much more personal, it's handmade after all, and it will go great in their home, in their car or wherever else they wish to put it. They'll love the originality and the thought that you put into the Easter craft and they'll likely keep it in remembrance of you and the special day you spent together.

Decorate Your Home

Another idea for Easter crafts is to use them to decorate your home if you have company over on Easter day. Having a party or get together at your home is a fine idea and what better way to show your Easter spirit is to decorate your home with Easter crafts. You could cut shapes out of paper plates and color them to look like Easter bunnies or you can use the above mentioned materials, such as construction paper, tissue paper and coloring tools and make whatever you'd like to decorate your home in all sorts of colors. Just like Easter eggs are decorated with pastels, you should keep with that same theme when making Easter crafts. It will do wonders for your home, your get together and your Easter crafts should put everyone in the celebratory mood.