Give An Easter Card Instead Of Candy This Year

If you haven't noticed, all you have to do is look around to see how heavy people are getting nowadays. It seems like every holiday we celebrate revolves around food. We even have a few that revolves around nothing but candy. For instance, Valentine's Day, Halloween and Easter, we usually celebrate by giving candy, lots of candy, and this is only helping to expand our waistlines. However, you don't have to celebrate these holidays with candy. This Easter, why not give a card instead of candy, for instance. An Easter card shows you care, it's thoughtful and it's healthy when compared to an entire basket of fattening candy.

Which Card To Choose

When deciding on which Easter card to choose, you have to keep in mind who you're giving it to. For example, if you're giving an Easter card to your grandma, you don't want it to have some cultural reference that she won't understand, such as one that refers to a current singer or actor. Taylor each Easter card to focus on the person you're giving it to. That means putting actual though into the Easter card instead of just choosing the first one that catches your eye. Too many people thoughtlessly choose Easter cards that don't really have meaning, they just get the card because they feel they are supposed to.

Make Your Own Easter Card

If you have a personal computer at home and a good color printer, you can make your very own Easter cards that you can give to friends, family and even co-workers. Anyone on your list, all you have to do is design a card, push print and you have as many cards as you want to give to whoever you wish. You will need some sort of print shop program, or you can find some free share ware online to assist you in making your very own Easter cards. It all depends on how fancy you want your cards to look. It's the thought that counts, however, so any card you make yourself with your own computer and your own printer should do the trick. As long as it comes from you, any personal Easter card will do.

However you go about getting them, give Easter cards rather than candy this year. You will not only be helping your loved ones keep their weight under control but you'll be showing them you truly care. And that's what Easter is all about.