How you can Make an Easter Basket

There are many different ways that you can go with in order to make an Easter basket, however one of the best ways is as follows. The materials that you will need to make this Easter basket are: 1 strawberry basket, pipe cleaners for handle (optional), colored paper or ribbon strips, scissors, and grass or shredded paper to fill the Easter basket.

Next, you need to weave strips of paper or ribbon in and out of the holes in the basket, and then make the handle out of pipe cleaners, if desired. Then, you fill the Easter basket with some grass or shredded paper and then add some small goodies. Remember that you can really do whatever you want with your Easter basket, and so you should take some time to come up with some really great and fun ideas.

More Ideas

Another great idea is the coiled Easter baskets that you can make, and in order to make these you need the following materials: long strips of ½ - ¾" wide cotton cloth turn across the grain, a blunt wide-eye tapestry needle, approximately 7 yards of 3/8" stiff rope, and scissors.

All you need to do now is thread the needle with a strip of cloth, pulling a few inches of the material through the eye of the needle. Do not tie a knot in the cloth, and starting at the very end of the rope, and then help your child to begin wrapping the free end of the cloth strip around the rope, making sure to overlap the cloth each time around to hide the rope. Once they have covered several inches of the rope, help them to begin coiling it into a tight disk.

They should bind the coils together by passing the needle and cloth through the inner coils of the rope and pulling the cloth very taut. Make a second wrap then over the first to secure it firmly, and then continue wrapping the rope with the cloth strip, binding the covered rope to itself every inch or so. To add a new color, all you need to do is simply begin wrapping a new strip around the rope, covering the previous strip by an inch.

Then you continue coiling up until it is as high as you desire, and this is when you create the handle. Once the handle is done, the basket is done, and now you have a beautiful Easter basket that you can keep forever.