New Children's Easter Craft Ideas

The kids are out of school for the weekend, the church is planning a huge picnic and an Easter egg hunt for the little ones, and it's up to you to plan a fun children's Easter craft idea to entertain the kids during the Sunday school hour. You could use the age old idea and help the kids carefully select and paint, or just dip some boiled eggs to make Easter eggs, or you could create something just as fun, just as easy, and just as quick, considering you only have an hour to get all of the kids through the children's Easter craft idea and through the clean up.

Some Great Children's Easter Craft Ideas

Seeing as Easter is a celebration of the death and resurrection, a fun children's Easter craft idea could be to make a mobile capturing moments of Jesus' birth, life, death, and resurrection with pictures. This is easily done with a wire coat hanger, some thread, crayons and either pre cut pictures of Jesus' life, or a printed handout that the kids can color and cut out themselves.

Then all they have to do is punch a hole in the pictures and hang them from the hanger by the thread. This is a lot cleaner than putting out bowls of colored water and letting the kids make a mess, and the clean up is quicker as well. Plus, it gives them something fun to take home with them at a low overhead cost to you.

Another good children's Easter craft idea is to let the kids make drawings or cut and paste the order of events in Jesus' life including important events leading up to his crucifixion, this idea not only entertains the children, but it also teaches them the importance of the holiday, and helps them remember the importance of each event.

There are many other more secular children's Easter craft idea's that you can try with kids if you are teaching them in a school atmosphere and are unable to bring in Christianity. One of these include letting the children draw their idea of what Easter means to them, or of something that reminds them of Easter and then letting them cut their picture into puzzle pieces and then take turns trying to put each others together. When searching for that perfect children's Easter craft idea be creative! Create a lasting memory for them and give them something special to take home with them this Easter!