An Overview of Drinking Water

For water to be considered drinking water it must be consumable by humans with out causing illness; not all fresh water is suitable for drinking. In some places where stagnant water lies in warm muggy places, water can develop many pathogens and harmful micro organisms; to make these types of water drinkable, they must first be treated with chlorine tablets or iodine. Drinking water comes in many forms in America and some other countries; but in many other countries, clean drinking water sources are a serious problem. It is essential for all life on earth to have clean water; humans in particular need to drink at least 64 fluid ounces per day for the best health.

Drinking Water in America

In America the citizens are lucky to have generally good quality water that comes straight from the tap; there can be some contaminates in some areas, but in general Americans enjoy an abundance of clean drinking water. Many other countries have a severe shortage safe clean water to drink, as such people die of diseases that people in America aren't as concerned about. The main areas of concerned in America's drinking water from the tap are contaminates from either old pipes or improper cleaning processes; unwilling to take the risk, many Americans also purchase purifying water filtration systems or bottled drinking water.

Polluted Drinking Water

Many countries including America have polluted drinking water; this pollution comes from large companies, individual's litter and trash, fossil fuels, and many other forms. Pollution is the leading cause of water contamination in many countries, and most of contaminates that people are familiar with are lead, arsenic, and mercury are some; these are dangerous at every small levels. The leading causes of illness among people however are in pathogens and microscopic organisms; most human's reactions to these are mild and result only in "stomach flu" like symptoms. Pollution is a human created and solvable problem, better drinking water for all is essential.

Water and Health

Most people know that drinking water is healthy, and most even know at least 8 glasses a day are what the body needs for the best health; what most people don't know are the reasons why their bodies need so much water everyday. Our bodies are over 70% water; our bodies use water for every function of life, blood, tears, saliva, skin, organs, and every other part of the body. Our bodies also use water for most functions; eating, crying, sweating, urinating, breathing, and even more. Humans are dependant on water as is every other living organism on the planet.

Humans and Water

Humans have a responsibility to the planet to provide fresh clean water to everything, humans are not the only life on the planet, but they are the only life able to consciously remedy the problem. Human kind pollutes, uses, and modifies the planet, and some individuals care enough to fix what others have broken. It is the human responsibility to clean the planet as a whole for the good of every living thing; humans can help clean the water using the basic principals of recycling.