Making the Best Athlete Out of Your Dog Through the Assistance of Sport Dog Training Collar

Do you have the right kind of dog to train for athletic motives? First, you need to know about the genetic makeup of your dog. Like wolves, dogs are hierarchy conscious. They instinctively gravitate toward living in a pack under a leader, or alpha dog. Your family is your dog's pack, and it needs to understand that you are the leader. In a wolf pack, the leader chooses the warmest, most elevated spot to sleep. It also eats before the others. So if your dog is allowed to sleep on your bed or get on the furniture, it may conclude that it is the leader. The same might happen if it is fed tidbits from the table at mealtime.

Even as a puppy, your dog can learn that it is subordinate to you. How? Try holding its gaze with your eyes until it looks away. Also, rubbing the dog's belly while it is on its back is a good exercise, as this puts it in a submissive position. When your dog responds to your commands, it is acknowledging that you are in charge. If you as the owner do not establish your position of leadership, your pet may conclude that it is equal or superior to you, and this might affect its behavior. To teach your dog basic commands, you will need a collar, a leash, and plenty of patience. A dog is intelligent enough to know when you are rewarding and when you are reprimanding. Remember, a dog cannot discern why it is being scolded if the scolding occurs minutes or hours after the act. Neither does it understand why a certain action is acceptable on one occasion but objectionable on another.

Using Professional Equipment for Training Such as a Sport Dog Training Collar

With different kinds of dogs waiting to be chosen, making one an athlete especially needs a special kind of training. If you cannot afford to pay for the service of a professional sport dog trainer, it is best suggested for you to purchase a sport dog training collar that would best fit the character and the kind of your pet dog.

With the effective use of a sport dog training collar, you are sure to make your dog one of the best athletes who knows his way in competition. Likely, the sport dog training collar holds special features that are best for the said cause. Hence, if you need more to know about the effective use of sport dog training collar, you could also purchase a dog training book that best gives you the right ideas on assisting your dog to bringing out its best.