Making Use of a Small Dog Training Collar for Your Dog

It has been said that dogs are the only animals that will learn to obey in exchange for mere praise and petting. From the very first day of his training, he will thrive on praise and will soon learn that a warm pat on the head with the words "good dog!" go hand in hand with his obedience. Some dog trainers suggest using a tightly folded newspaper when training a pup. Proper training of your dog involves giving him adequate living quarters with proper food. For good health he needs a warm, airy place to sleep, protected from wind and rain. His kennel should be kept clean, dry, and, of course, free from excrement. With proper training he will cooperate in this respect. A dog's hair, like our own, needs to be brushed regularly, daily if the hair is long. Insect repellents in powder form and vaccinations will be needed from time to time, as well as an occasional bath. Dog manuals give detailed information on these matters. Follow their suggestions and your dog will stay healthy and contented.

A dog should have a regular feeding routine, eating at the same time and in the same place each day. This will discourage him from accepting food from strangers and will contribute to cleanliness. Pups need food three or four times a day, adult dogs just twice. Leftover food should be taken away after about 15 minutes so that it does not spoil. Food should be warm but not hot, and plenty of water should be available at all times. Like us, dogs do well to avoid sweets as well as fried and fatty foods. Certain vegetables and fruits are good for them. Be careful not to serve your dog tiny bones; but he will appreciate a large one to chew on. Above all, ignore those pleading eyes when you are eating something. Stick to your training rules!

Using a Small Dog Training Collar

If your dog is small, it is essential to use a training collar that would best work for his or her own size. The availability of small dog training collars answer this particular need. Sometimes, plain training as noted above could not handle some behavioral problems of dogs. Yes, certainly, through the effective use of careful training and accepting the help from technology in the process, the use of small dog training collar among small sized dogs would rather be considered effective and advisable for every pet owner.

No need to be doubtful about it. The use of small dog training collars on small dogs have been tested and approved by experts in the field of dog training and dog health issues. This could be proven by every dog training collar review found over the Internet.