Just Say No To Protection Dog Training Videos

If you want to turn your loving, goofy pet dog into a vicious, paranoid attack machine, then by all means, follow the advice on protection dog training videos. Although there definitely are guard dogs and police dogs that can figure out only to attack the bad guys and leave everyone else alone, this is only because of intense, specialized training that they receive every single day. The average pet dog receives sporadic training, at best. There is nothing wrong with watching a protection dog training video. Just don't try and mimic it.

Aggressive Abandoned Dogs

The most dangerous dog anyone in professional dog training faces is that of the aggressive pet dog. Aggression is one of the biggest reasons why dogs are abandoned in the millions every year. Granted, many shelters are discovering that many dogs abandoned for aggression actually have no aggression problems at all and that the previous owner lied. But there are many that do have aggression issues, often from someone trying to mimic a protection dog training video.

Despite the trend in America for no-kill shelters, many millions of unwanted dogs and cats are euthanized for lack of a home. The dogs that are euthanized right away and never go up for adoption are incredibly sick dogs and incredibly aggressive dogs. By teaching any dog with the methods in protection dog training videos, you are guaranteeing that your dog will be automatically put down if he should stray.

Dogs Are Not Weapons

If you really are worried about your personal protection, carry a weapon on you like a knife or a gun. Don't rely on a dog as a four-footed weapon substitution. Despite the claims of some protection dog training videos, all dogs make really lousy personal protection.

If someone wants to rob you or beat you up, your dog is not gong to be any kind of obstacle to that criminal whatsoever. You will have the horror of watching your dog get killed in front of you and then you will get robbed or worse. No dog can outlive a gun. This fact usually isn't mentioned in protection dog training videos.

In dog society, the leader of the pack is the one who does any attacking of intruders, while the members protect any youngsters and pick up the pieces. If you let your dog be the attacker, then you are not the dog's pack leader. Your dog is the pack leader. Your dog has no reason to follow any instruction you give, because you are an underling.