Police Dog Training Videos: Kids, Don't Do This At Home

Police dog training videos have been an invaluable tool to help train these magnificent canines to help protect and serve. Part of the reason that many police stations do not have a dog officer is that it costs so much to train a police dog and to get them further training sessions. With police dog training videos, the overall cost of acquiring a good police dog has gone down. But, anything on videotape or digital recording often gets viewed by people who really shouldn't see it.

Not For Household Pets

Unless you are in the police force or a security company, please do not train your pet dog to do the things a police, army or guard dog can. Dogs have a tendency to see everything as a great game. When playing with each other, dogs like to play very rough, using their teeth. In guard dog training videos and police dog training videos, dogs are encouraged to use their sense of play and their instinct to play with their teeth.

Police and guard dogs are trained to aim for a person, knock them down and clamp their teeth on an arm or leg and then not let go until they hear their master's command. These dogs are also trained to know when they are on duty and that when they are off-duty, some behaviors like biting are not allowed. These facts are usually not part of police dog training videos, because they would be superfluous information to people who work and live with these dogs every day.

Big Trouble

If a pet dog learns how to take a human being down with his or her teeth thinking that it was a game, they will play this game with everybody. Inevitably, the dog is put down and the owner sued into bankruptcy. The police dog training videos themselves are not to blame. Unsupervised kids or stupid pet dog owners are to blame.

If you have a child and a dog in your home, you need to supervise them regularly, just to be sure that the dog isn't picking up any bad habits from the kids. If your dog has begun to pick up on potentially dangerous behaviors learned from mimicking police dog training videos, positive reinforcement and professional training can often help get rid of these habits. When in doubt, please muzzle your dog before going out in public. Old dogs can and do learn new tricks, good and bad.