Guard Dog Training Videos Don't Help

There are many guard dog training videos available that make some pretty outlandish claims. They state things like any dog can be turned into a guard dog, that your dog will always be safe to be around after he's learned the training and that a dog makes the best home protection in the world. All of these statements are false. A guard dog training video will not make your dog able to stop a determined thief. All you will get from these protection dog training videos is a dead dog.

Not All Dogs Have What It Takes

Guard dog training videos often claim that any dog can be turned into a four-legged attack weapon. Anyone who has been around dogs for more than ten minutes will know that this claim is baloney. The most popular dog breed in the world is the Labrador Retriever. They are notorious for being incredibly friendly dogs and have been known to absolutely delight in a visit from a thief or intruder. The most they can do is bark to let you know that a stranger is on the property.

Dogs Are Not Light Switches

Although some dogs are far more intelligent than people, most other dogs make generalizations. If some people are to be respected and never bitten, then all people need to be treated like that. Despite the claims of guard dog training videos, many dogs cannot turn the attack training on and off at a verbal command. If you want them to attack an intruder, then you are merely training your dog to attack every other human being on the planet.

How Thieves Work

Guard dogs are absolutely useless against thieves, despite what the makers of guard dog training videos would have you believe. If a thief knows there is a dog on the property, all they do is throw poisoned meat into the property or carry a loaded gun. The dog is quickly and often quietly killed in one way or another. And then the thief burgles your property anyway.

So, in conclusion, training your dog to be a guard dog with the help of guard dog training videos is a waste of time and money. Attack dogs like those in police forces undergo intense, specialized training and are often never sent to bring down a bad guy without backup from an armed officer. Please leave any attack dog behavior to the professionals and let your dog be a love bug.