Improve Your Dog's Behavior Through the Use of Electronic Dog Training Collar

There are dogs with various degrees of special guard training. Some may simply be obedience trained, and developed to the point where they jump to their owner's protection on command, or upon provocation. But they have, only to a very limited extent, been taught to bite.

It is different with the fully trained "guard dog." He is trained to fight, and the power of his bite is developed by practice to where it can break an arm or snap a collarbone. He learns to protect himself and his handler from knife, gun and club. Such a dog has been compared to a professional soldier who may feel more at home in battle than in civilian life.

The dog is trained on a leash. A handler holds him while an "aggressor" agitates him with increasing offensiveness—by shouts, menacing gestures, digging a rounded-end stick in the groin, and so forth. The "aggressor" may have a heavily padded arm sleeve for protection, or hold a burlap bag that the dog bites. The dog's confidence is built up in these attacks for he always drives off the aggressor. He never loses. Thus he is taught to believe that he can subdue any opponent.

An elite guard dog is sometimes called an "attack dog." Instead of just a few weeks or months of training, he may require a year or so. Such a dog can sell for $4,000 and more. He will not only protect his owner but attack a specified person on command. This dog is, in every sense of the word, a weapon. Certainly, with the right kind of training, a dog could not only be man's best friend but could also be man's best protector.

Training Your Own Dog Is Easy with the Use of an Electronic Dog Training Collar

The description of dogs above is indeed inviting. Having an ordinary dog with special skills in protecting you as his or her owner actually makes a great sense for many pet owners today. Hence, to be able to align your dog's behavior towards giving security and protection to those who owns it, it is simply suggested that you try to use electronic dog training collar for an aide in the process.

There is nothing to worry about since electronic dog training collars are noted for their being safe. This particular product actually makes it easier for dogs to take notice of the discipline being given them. Approved by the protectors of animal rights, you could be sure that an electronic dog training collar only exists do you and your dog some good service for training. This fact goes well with dog training shock collar, which is one of the most common types of electronic dog training collars.