What Sort Of Dog Training Equipment Do You Need?

When it comes to training your new dog, what sort of equipment should you use? Are plain old treats and a stern voice enough? Or do you need more specialized items if you want your dog to be fully trained? It all depends on how much you want to teach your dog as well as how serious you are about it. If you're just trying to teach your dog to sit, you probably don't need a bunch of equipment. However, if you have trying to teach your dog to do tricks as well as run around a track for something like a dog show, you're going to need a little more than just plain old dog treats.

Sit, Stay And Roll Over

There are many things you can teach a dog to do. The most common tricks that people try to teach their dogs, besides how to be housetrained, is how to sit, stay and roll over. There are also tricks such as shaking the paw, playing dead and so on, but those are harder to teach than the basic three. To start, even if you just want to teach a few tricks, you should get some dog training equipment. You should get a choke collar. That's a collar that's made of chain that loops through itself. When the dog pulls on it, it sort of chokes them. It doesn't hurt the dog but it does teach it not to pull on the leash. You'll also want to get dog training equipment such as a leash, some treats and a clicker or a whistle. These will be used to reinforce the dog's behavior.


When teaching your dog with your dog training equipment, you want to focus more on reinforcement as opposed to punishment. If your dog isn't listening to you, that's your fault; it's not the dog's. When your dog does something you like, reinforce that behavior. Give it a treat when it sits like you want it to, give it a pat and tell it good boy or girl when it rolls over like you want. These will keep the dog interested and will make sure they know what you want them to do. When you use punishment, your dog may become confused and may not know why it's being punished. That's why you should always use positive reinforcement along with dog training equipment to teach your dog.

Training Your Dog

Use the dog training equipment such as the leash and the choke chain to set your boundaries. That way, your dog will know not to stray from the training ground. Use the clicker or whistle to instruct the dog to do whatever trick you're teaching it and use the treats as positive reinforcement. The key to training your dog is consistency and persistence. It's not going to take a day and it's not going to take three days. It's going to take a week or two or more for your dog to become fully trained. But as long as you stick with it, and show your dog how good he or she is doing, the sky's the limit on what you can teach it to do. Who knows, you may be able to work with dog agility training equipment so that it can do real tricks like a police or circus dog. That will be way in the future, however. For now, you'd better stick to the basics so as not to confuse your new best friend.