Dog Obedience Training: An Early Start Will Prove To Be More Effective

Dogs are known to vary in size as well as shape though they all have a propensity to dig up the earth in order to bury their bones and this characteristic in a dog can cause total ruination of your well laid garden or backyard. In addition, this habit of digging can prove to be bad for the discipline of your dog and so as a concerned dog owner you will need to first of all understand why your dog is digging up the earth and then find a way to solve the issue.

Conveying A Message

Often dogs will dig up the earth in order to give you a message such as asking for attention or indicating the need to get some more exercise. It could also be that your dog is trying to make a shelter for him or to create space to bury their food. To ensure that your dog does not persist with this and other bad habits you will need to understand what dog obedience training is all about.

When it concerns proper dog obedience training you should keep the old saying "to err is human, to forgive divine" in your mind. Your dog will have a few bad habits that need to be eliminated and so, when you start with dog obedience training you need to ensure that you don't make some common mistakes that are made by many dog owners.

A very common mistake is that dog owners do not take the trouble to learn about the lineage of their dog which is not good because some dogs happen to be very aggressive while others might be reticent. The thing that decides whether your dog turns out to be aggressive or reticent is their genes and so, before applying dog obedience training techniques you should keep in mind the genetic makeup of your dog.

Dog obedience training can also often turn out to be harder than you expected and the best way to ensure that the training succeeds is to develop a good relationship with your dog. Basically, all dogs are wild by nature and they are also pack animals; each pack has a leader who is the unquestioned authority figure which means that all other dogs will bend in front of the pack leader.

By ensuring that you become the pack leader you can make dog obedience training easier as well as more effective. In addition, you need to reward your dog every time he follows the dog obedience training commands as this will motivate him to obey you.

If you are dog lover then dog obedience puppy training must be a subject that is sure to make you feel very enthused. Bringing home a new puppy often has the same sentimental value as the birth of a newborn baby. It is therefore necessary that you understand the value of starting dog obedience training at as early a stage as is possible in the life of your puppy or dog as it will ensure easier training as well as eliminates the need to rectify bad habits that have been allowed to develop.