Why Would Anyone Need Dog Agility Training Equipment?

When shopping for dog obedience training equipment to show your new friend how to behave properly, you've probably come across dog agility training equipment and wondered why anyone would need that? Who, other than circus performers, would need their dogs to jump over high beams or run through hoops, or skirt through narrow obstacles? What would the average dog owner need with something like that? The answer is that the average dog owner probably wouldn't need any of that dog agility training equipment. Dog agility training equipment is mainly for police dogs or any other dogs that must learn to move through obstacles. Yes, circus performers would use it, but so would people who want to enter their dogs into dog shows. However, the average dog owner would be amazed at how well they can train their dogs when they include dog agility training equipment with their normal training routines.

The Basics

If you've never trained your dog before, it's best to start out with the basics before you even think about buying dog agility training equipment. Your dog must learn what the training process entails and you should start out slowly. If your dog is a puppy, teach it to go to the bathroom outside, teach it to sit and stay. Teach it to shake with its paw if you want. Then, when your dog has all of these basics down and he or she performs as commanded every time, then you can buy the dog agility training equipment and you can get to work.

A Large Area

For dog agility training equipment to be effective, your dog will need a lot of room to move around. It's recommended that you work with the dog agility training equipment in your back yard or in a field. If you live in an apartment, dog agility training equipment probably isn't going to work very well as your dog won't have enough room to move around.

What Your Dog Can Accomplish

So what can be accomplished by working with your dog with dog agility training equipment? Your dog can learn to jump high at will, he or she can jump through hoops, he or she can learn to catch things such as hunting game or even people if it's a guard dog. That's why police officers often train their police dogs with dog agility training equipment. Dogs that are meant to catch perpetrators need agility training so that they can move through obstacles at will and so that they can outrun the people they're supposed to catch. Your dog may not be a police dog, but your dog can be trained to be as agile as possible when dog agility training equipment is used properly.