Basic Dog Obedience Training: It's About Responsible Dog Ownership

The most obvious benefit that a dog owner will get when they start their dog off with basic dog obedience training is that such training will help lay a foundation from which future training efforts can begin. The first act in any basic dog obedience training endeavor would be to get your dog to understand a basic language of communication so that your pet starts to follow simple one word commands such as 'sit' and 'stay' and 'heel.'

Simple Methods Are Best

Every dog will respond the same way to simple commands that were taught to him during basic dog obedience training and it is therefore far better to use these simple training commands than to attempt to neurotically train your dog to follow your actions and also fear displeasing you. Dogs, after being given basic dog obedience training, will start to grow familiar with other family members and will then accept them as leaders of the pack and so will protect them and also will develop bonds of love and affection with the family members.

Using the bond of love and affection properly will help ensure that you achieve more success with your basic dog obedience training efforts as your dog, once he starts to feel fulfilled after being rewarded for a correct action, will grow to understand what he should and should not do. In fact, with the help of basic dog obedience training you can teach your dog to direct his mind into always obeying simple commands.

Basic dog obedience training can be done through a reward method as well as by using collar and leash training methods. The former type of basic dog obedience training is more humane as well as gentle and even sympathetic to your dog while the latter type is more difficult to achieve. However, both these types of basic dog obedience training are rather primitive and part of the reason for this is that dogs were originally trained by military means rather than more subtle methods such as through use of food.

Everybody knows and acknowledges that dogs are man's best friends and so naturally everyone will want the best for their dogs. To help them keep their dogs happy and well cared for it is necessary to learn a few simple dog obedience training tips that will help ensure that their dogs continue to remain their best friends.

The bottom line in regard to providing basic dog obedience training to your dog is that such an endeavor shows that you are a responsible dog owner who is doing all that he can to ensure the welfare of his dog, and also the welfare of others that might come into contact with the pet.