Dog Training Can Save You From Becoming Too Stressed Out

An untrained dog can and does cause his owner a lot of stress as well as also endangers the very life of the dog as well. It is therefore necessary for every dog owner to start dog training as soon as their dog or pup is old enough to be given instructions. The first part of dog training involves teaching your pet essential commands after which your pet will get to learn to do simple things like 'sit' when told to do so and to 'stay', and 'go' when so commanded.

Debarking Is A Contentious Issue

However, debarking does not result in the dog ceasing to bark and it is only the volume that is reduced and thus this is a topic of dog training that has been debated a lot by animal lovers as well as by experts with many considering debarking to be useful on dogs that bark too loud and too much, while others consider it to be a process that is both unnecessary as well as cruel.

Debarking aside, there are other aspects to dog training that dog owners need to look at if they want their dogs to behave properly and also stay happy. Of course, there are many people who don't even think that dog training is at all necessary while others believe that dog training should involve fear and punishment. Thus, you should not be surprised to find a whole lot of different dog training philosophies doing the rounds which can often cause much confusion in the minds of dog owners.

Before jumping into a dog training exercise, you need to realize that your dog is not a hairy version of a human because they are in fact pack animals and their world is a lot more ordered when they are following a pack rather than the dog owner. Next, you should remember that dog training need not mean having to yell and hit the dog every time he misbehaves since such behavior only puts fear as well as anxiety in the dog's mind. Rather than respond well to the training, the dog will actually come to hate it and thus his focus will be poor and he will also not be relaxed. Still, negative reinforcement is recommended which is different to punishment and the best form of it is to withdraw his treats and also not show him any affection.

Another common fault that dog owners commit in dog training is to try and train their dog in a busy place in the mistaken belief that the dog will be able to concentrate better in an environment that is filled with distractions. And, you should also ensure that you don't try and teach your dog too many commands because he can easily loose focus and also become bored with the training.

An Early Start Is Recommended

The most important aspect to dog training is to start him off as early as is possible because once your dog has grown older it will then become harder to break his established habits. Early training will ensure that your dog learns how to behave properly and it will also be easier to train your dog. At the same time it is also necessary to understand the value of imparting dog training in short bursts rather than in long boring training sessions.

Dogs are known to have very short attention spans and so to use this trait of theirs to your advantage requires that you only perform the training while his attention is focused on what you are teaching him. In addition, you need to create a routine for him to follow which can consist of five minute training sessions in the morning followed by the same duration in the afternoon as well as in the evening.

Dog training is not always a smooth process and there are many times when common problems will arise. One of the reasons for such problems arising is that you have not managed to earn the respect of your dog. As harsh as this may sound it is nevertheless a very real reason why dogs won't follow your commands. It will take a lot of effort to teach them that you are the master and not they.

Another common dog training problem that you will need to overcome is that your dog jumps too much. In order to rectify this behavior you should try and turn your back on him to show him (who is a pack animal) that such behavior is unacceptable and your dog too will soon come to realize that when he jumps on you and you turn your back to him he is being shunned. Hopefully, this will help cure him of this common dog training problem.

You need to consider sending your dog to a dog training school in case you don't have time to spare to train your dog or you feel that you want your dog to be trained by professionals. Even when it proves to be hard to get your dog to obey you, taking professional help in the matter will soon help rectify the situation.