Good Health With Wellness Dog Food

Increasingly we are more aware of the danger of chemical additives to food; this concern has now trickled down to our pets. We have come to realize that healthy pets need a diet that is free from chemicals and additives.

This is hard to achieve sometimes when most pet food brands contain preservatives or colorings to increase shelf life and make the food look more attractive. However Wellness dog food has produced food that is great for all dogs, including allergy sufferers. Dogs with skin problems have benefited from eating Wellness dog food.

Nutritional Balance

Some dogs that suffer from allergies need to be fed special diets that are protein rich. An allergy sensitive diet is catered to by Wellness dog food. Both Wellness dry dog food and Wellness canned dog food is available for dogs suffering from allergies, in particular skin allergies that can arise from wheat or soy found in widely available lower grade dog foods.

The range of allergy sensitive food is known as the Wellness Core; this range from Wellness is protein rich and goes back to basics. It provides a dog with the kind of diet that dogs would have if they were hunting and fending for themselves. This line from Wellness offers dogs with allergies a balanced nutritional diet.

Many cheaper and lower quality brands contain animal by products, meaning the ground up beaks, hoofs, and bones of animals rather than actual meat. You can be assured that Wellness dog food does not contain any kind of animal by product. This range also does not contain any corn, soy, or wheat; all major culprits of skin allergies.

If you are concerned about fat content and would like to put your dog on a low fat diet then there is a solution with Wellness dog food. This brand of dog food has formulated a range of dog food that is low in fat while still catering to dogs that need a protein rich and grain free diet to combat allergies.

The minerals and fat are highly controlled so that they are in a balanced volume. Some high protein dog foods have excessive amounts of minerals not recommended for everyday consumption. You can be assured that your dogs are in good hands when you choose Wellness dog food. It is a brand that has a good reputation with both owners and dogs. Try it now and see the difference in your happier and healthier dog.