Great Wellness Dog Food Review

It can sometimes be difficult to separate marketing hype from a product's actual worth. In the case of Wellness dog food the product certainly lives up to the hype. It is one of the new holistic dog foods that are starting to creep into the pet food market. More owners are aware about feeding their pets a balanced diet that contains quality ingredients.

For this reason the search for a pet food that ticks all the boxes is sometimes difficult, holistic pet food is a relatively new thing and not all brands claiming to be all natural will do the job. The consistent positive Wellness dog food reviews is an indication that this brand is doing things right. Look in your local pet store or search online for this brand and you are sure to come across glowing Wellness dog food reviews.

Quality Ingredients

The Wellness dog food ingredients could be one reason for the great Wellness dog food reviews. The ingredients are top quality and the meat is human grade. Meaning that the meat that goes into Wellness dog food is fit for human consumption. This is welcome in an industry where substandard ingredients are often used.

Besides the quality food ingredients another things that makes Wellness rate so highly in consumer Wellness dog food reviews is the absence of several ingredients that are harmful to dogs. Corn, soy, and wheat are all common fillers in dog food and in the Wellness Core range these ingredients are not at all present. Meaning it is safe for your dog, especially if your dog has food allergies.


While the Wellness dog food reviews are positive there are some drawbacks. This dog food is on the pricey side due to the quality ingredients and the high standard the company holds all its production companies to. All the quality control that the food goes through translates to a higher retail price. Another drawback is the scarce availability. This brand is not widely available and it might be available only through the Internet in some areas.

However if you are willing to pay that little extra then this is a great product for your pet. The Wellness dog food reviews certainly indicate healthier dogs with this product. Dogs that have suffered from allergies for years have recovered almost overnight with a substitution of their regular food to the Wellness brand. This is definitely one of the better holistic brands of pet food.