A Guide to Wellness Dog Food Ingredients

Wellness is a brand of dog food launched by the Gloucester, Massachusetts dog food company Old Mother Hubbard in the 1990s. Developed in tandem with a team of vets and animal nutritionists, the Wellness dog food range was designed to give the most balanced and complete nutrition available for dogs. So, what ingredients go into Wellness dog food?

Meat and Fish

With dogs being carnivores, meat and fish form the bulk of their diet, and the ingredients in Wellness dog food reflect this. Unlike most dog foods, Wellness uses meat and fish that is fit for human consumption. For example, in their chicken based foods, they use the same chicken that we eat. In fact, in Wellness's puppy dog food, they actually use premium grade deboned chicken to make it more easily digestible by puppies. They also use fish that is rich in Omega 3 fatty acids and even lean venison. Wellness dog foods ingredients can ensure that your dog eats better than you do in some cases!

Fruits, Veggies and Grains

Since dogs are natural meat eaters, it may seem strange that Wellness dog food ingredients also include fruits, vegetables and grains. But ingredients such as pears, zucchini, wheat and rice add fiber and carbohydrates to the diet. Even wild dogs eat some green, leafy vegetables in order to promote a balanced diet.

Wellness dog food ingredients also include medicinal herbs. For example, rosemary is thought to prevent cancer in dogs, while chicory root acts as a food source for beneficial bacteria and flora in the digestive system. Speaking of which….

Probiotic Microorganisms

One final class of Wellness dog food ingredients are the specific type of microorganisms known as probiotics. Just as antibiotics kill off harmful organisms, probiotics promote the growth of beneficial organisms. Paradoxically, probiotics can also act as antibiotics, as the beneficial bacteria and yeasts kill off harmful bacteria and viruses. Probiotics also have other positive health effects, such as the lowering of blood pressure, improving the absorption of essential nutrients and boosting your dog's immune system.

Probiotics used as Wellness dog food ingredients include lactobacillus and enterococcus microflora. Lactobacillus is a genus of bacteria commonly found in such fermented dairy products as yoghurt and cheese. They possess anti-carcinogenic and anti-inflammatory properties. Enterococcus bacteria are found naturally in the gut of all healthy animals, though they are considered harmful to humans. They help to restore damaged intestinal tissue, especially in growing animals.

When essential vitamins and minerals are added to these ingredients, Wellness dog foods offer a complete, scientifically balanced diet that your dog will love.