An Introduction to Wellness Canned Dog Food

Wellness has long been one of the leading brand names in dry dog food. However, if you want the holistically formulated nutritional value of Wellness's dry dog food, but need to increase the amount of moisture in your dog's diet, then Wellness Canned Dog Food is the best dog food for you.

What Kinds of Wellness Canned Dog Food are Available?

Wellness Canned Dog Food is made in special formulas for puppies (under a year old) and seniors (with fewer calories and supplements for hip and joint maintenance). For those in between, there are three basic types of Wellness Canned Dog Food. Their 95% range contains, as its name suggests, 95% USDA certified, human grade meat or fish mixed with water, natural flavorings, and carrageenan and cassia gums to improve texture. It is available in chicken, beef, venison, salmon, turkey or lamb varieties.

The meat or fish with sweet potato range provides all the protein dogs need, but with the addition of sweet potato, an excellent source of vitamins, minerals and beta carotene. It is available in six varieties: chicken, duck, whitefish, lamb, turkey and venison.

Finally, for dogs that suffer from grain allergies, there is the grain free Core range of Wellness Canned Dog Food. There are two varieties: turkey, chicken liver and turkey liver, with premium meats; and salmon, whitefish and herring, which contains no meat at all. Core canned dog foods contain no meat by-products, artificial colors, flavors or preservatives, and contain a higher level of protein than other varieties of Wellness Canned Dog Food.

Other Canned Dog Foods are Poisoning Our Pets

If you need convincing of the merits of Wellness Canned Dog Food over other brands, then perhaps you might like to consider a class action lawsuit filed by a group of pet owners in Miami against the leading pet food manufacturers of America (not including Old Mother Hubbard Inc, manufacturers of Wellness Canned Dog Food). The plaintiffs, through their attorneys at the Maltzman Foreman law firm, reported that so-called "premium" dog foods that, like Wellness, were billed as complete and balanced nutrition contained such items as euthanized dogs and cats, restaurant grease, hair and hooves. These processed pet foods can lead to arthritis, cancer, obesity and kidney failure in dogs. Wellness Canned Dog Food contains none of the harmful ingredients that these other "premium" pet foods use as filler, and so you can feel safe in the knowledge that your dog is eating only the foods that its body was designed to digest.