Vegetarian Dog Food Recipes: Safe for Your Dog?

The idea of a strictly vegetarian diet for dogs and cats is met with a lot of skepticism from pet owners. However, if you follow vegetarian dog food recipes with the nutritional balance necessary, it is possible for your dog to be satisfied and healthy on a vegetarian diet.

Dogs are omnivores like humans. In the wild, they eat a lot of plant-based foods. Sure, they also eat meat in the wild but they generally eat mice, birds, and other small animals. With good, nutritious vegetarian dog food recipes and nutritional supplements, your dog can get all of the nutrients he needs from a vegetarian diet.

Making the Adjustment to a Vegetarian Diet

Your dog may be very used to eating commercial food so it could be hard for you to wean him. You can start by incorporating vegetarian food into his diet and then taking out the meat-based products little by little.

Use vegetarian dog food recipes that include tomato sauce, olive oil, powdered kelp, and nutritional yeast, which are food items dogs tend to enjoy. Veggie burgers, mashed chickpeas, and melon are also very popular with dogs.

The health of most dogs improves after switching to vegetarian dog food recipes but watch your pet closely regardless. Not any changes in his skin, fur, or gastro-intestinal problems. There are times when dogs do not thrive on vegetarian diets so if that is the case, put some meat back into his diet.

You can prepare vegetarian dog food recipes for your dog by yourself or you can buy commercially prepared food. If you choose to prepare food on your own, make sure to read about the nutritional requirements of dogs and follow them carefully when preparing meals.

A dog can get sick if he doesn't receive enough Vitamin D, protein, or calcium in his diet. Look for a supplement that contains these nutrients as well as essential amino acids to ensure that your dog gets enough of the nutrients he needs.

You can buy a book with vegetarian dog food recipes or come up with your own. Remember to use a variety of different ingredients and use a lot of protein-packed grains and legumes. Chickpeas, quinoa, amaranth, and kidney beans are examples of healthy, protein-packed ingredients you can give to your dog. If you want to use a dry dog food recipe, try mashing together ingredients like beans, corn, and potatoes and then baking small biscuits.

So there you have it. A vegetarian diet may not be right for every dog out there but it is possible to have a healthy vegetarian dog. Remember to study the nutritional needs of your dog carefully and consult a veterinarian for advice. It's possible for your dog to get all of the nutrients he needs from a carefully planned vegetarian dog food recipe.