Paying for High Quality: Premium Dog Food Comparison

There are many different high quality dog foods on the market and it can be hard to choose what type best fits an individual's dog. There are several guidelines to go by when doing a dry dog food comparison. One of the first things to look at is the types of ingredients that are listed first, since those are the ones of which there are the most of in the dog food. The best types of dog foods have a meat product listed as the first ingredient and possibly the second as well. If it lists a meat first without the word 'by-products' or similar word after it, that means it is purely that type of meat in the dog food rather than other parts of that animal.

High Class

Premium dog food comparisons take the dog food one step further. These types of dog food always have a pure meat product as the first ingredient. Where they vary are the types of meats used as well as what the other filler products are in the dog food. For instance, one brand of dog food has salmon meal as the first ingredient and then beef as the second before potatoes as the third. This is a great choice in premium dog food for large breed dogs and dogs that require a lot of protein in their diet, such as high energy dogs.

Other dog foods do not contain any grain products at all in it, which is supposedly even healthier for the dogs. Instead of grains, it uses potatoes as filler ingredients, but only after using turkey, chicken, turkey meal and chicken meal as the first four ingredients. This makes the dog food rich in protein and full of vitamins that are essential for the dogs to eat. Other brands in premium dog food comparisons use salmon and whole grains in their dog foods which are also good for dogs, unlike the glutens and meals that are used in lower grade dog foods and contain little nutritional value.

Many premium dog food comparisons tell of some types of dog foods that are considered premium brands but really only contain products that are barely above common store brands of dog foods. These brands are advertised as premium dog foods and are often carried in veterinarian offices, but are not the best choices in dog foods and are priced similarly to dog foods that do contain high quality ingredients.

There are also premium dog food comparisons that evaluate canned dog foods which are normally higher in protein content and lower in filler content than dry dog foods. Many of the canned premium brands are free of grains altogether, only containing proteins. This can affect some dogs adversely, not being able to handle the high protein content very well. There are others that contain a good mixture of whole grains as well as meat products such as beef, beef broth, beef liver, fish, carrots, potatoes and eggs.