Choosing Natural Homemade Dog Food

Pet owners must realize that the health of their pets is in their hands. Pets rely on the owners to provide them nutritious food and enough exercise. It is important to know what goes in your pet's mouth, and best way to ensure it is to give them natural homemade dog food. There are all kinds of readymade pet foods available in the market claiming to be providing best for your dear pet, but make your choices wisely.

Why Choose Natural Homemade Dog Food

These days, pets are not starving for food, but they are surely not getting enough nutrition. Pets eat garbage, stools and vomits, because they are looking for additional nutrition, which they are not able to get from their regular diet. It may seem yucky to us, but it is a fact. Once, the pet starts getting wholesome food on a regular basis, these problems go away.

There are other health problems associated with poor nutrition. It can be quite difficult to search for natural homemade dog food recipes. Most of the pet food manufacturers tell pet owners that dogs cannot survive without readymade pet foods, and depriving dogs of these foods can be detrimental for their health. Pet owners are also told that feeding their pets with scraps from home cooked meals can be harmful to them.

However, it is now believed that natural homemade dog food is best for your canine, if ingredients are chosen carefully. There are various recipes that can be used to provide wholesome meal to your pet every time.

Most of the best homemade dog food recipes use ideal combination of carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and fats, in right proportions.

One healthy natural homemade dog food recipe is to use one-cup turkey, two cups white flour, one-cup cornmeal, one egg, 3 tbsp vegetable oil, water and 2 tbsp tarragon. In a pan, cook turkey and crumble it to small pieces. In a large bowl, mix cornmeal and flour. In another bowl, mix egg, oil and water, and beat. After it has blended, add tarragon. Combine all the ingredients, fold in ground turkey and turn this dough onto lightly floured surface. Knead till the dough is thoroughly mixed. Roll out the dough and cut into various shapes. Bake them for 15 minutes till they turn firm. Serve at room temperature.

Another healthy natural homemade dog food recipe is to take one-cup turkey, one-cup brown rice, one-cup kidney beans, one tbsp vegetable oil, and one tbsp soy sauce. Boil two cups of water, add rice and simmer for almost half an hour. Mix other ingredients and serve at room temperature.

These recipes are great for the health of your pet as these are homemade, and are natural. It is in your hands to save your pets from the dangers of commercial foods by using some natural homemade dog food recipes.